Parents Earn 2k-5k Extra A Month From Home

Published: 15th June 2010
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Parents Work Hard For The Money

Parents are making more money in their spare time from home in simple home businesses. Parents work hard, very hard. Most parents have at least one job a piece (sometimes 2) plus they have all the responsibility of raising their children and trying to make ends meet. If you asked a parent if they had time to try to make money in a home business they would say one of two things. I don't have to money , or I don't have the time. Often parents will say both, which is understandable.

Parents Just Don't Understand

People are raised to go to college, get a good job, get married, have kids, and work hard while struggling for the rest of their lives. While being ingrained with working the daily grind somewhere outside the home, the idea of running a business from home is completely foreign.

The Complexity Of A Traditional Business

Yes, starting your own traditional home business from scratch can be very complicated for the average person which would include, coming up with a product or service to sell, investing in marketing and promotions, hiring employees to help out, bookkeeping, business insurance, having large startup costs, and waiting to make a profit until your second or third year of operation.

Parents Struggle With Traditional Home Business Concepts

Some popular home businesses that parents try to start are cake making, cleaning services, pet services, party planning, candy products, medical billing, child care services, wedding favors, delivery services, website building, painting services, etc. There are so many traditional ways to start a business but parents just don't have enough time to even remotely consider a traditional business.

Alternative Home Businesses for Parents

Why reinvent the wheel? Many companies have given millions of people the freedom to run a profitable home business in their spare time without any of the business headaches. Some of these home businesses include GBG, Amway, Herbalife, Monavie, Melaleuca, Pre-Paid Legal, Avon, etc. Imagine running a business from home and your ONLY job was to tell people about your products. No staff, no machines, no office, no business insurance, no bookkeeping, immediate profits, and best of all, low or no startup costs.

Parents Profit Every Month With The Power of Duplication

These companies are part of an industry called MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). Many people have beens scared off by MLM's due to the Pyramid Scheme epidemic in the 1970's and 80's. Assuredly, these big companies are not schemes, and are have been approved by the BBB and FTC. The Structure of an MLM is simple and extremely profitable using the power of duplication.

The GBG Example

I'll use the example of GBG's product the 10-in-1 Liquid Multi vitamin. They use the power of 2. This just means If you want to start a home business in GBG, you only have to get 2 customers (you tell them to tell 2 people). The business begins to duplicate. 2 customers turns to 4, 4 turns to 8, 8 turns to 16, 16 turns to 32, 32 turns to 64, 64 turns to 128, and so on. And using the power of the internet has been exploding the incomes of families all around the world by using sites like Google, YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter. GBG's quick start bonuses and matrix pay is ludicrously profitable.

Parents, Have Faith and Confidence In Yourself and Your Home Business

It's really, really hard to have faith in something you know nothing about, especially a home business. Having faith is good but it is also good to do research and know some basic information.

First: You shouldn't have to pay a start-up cost to represent (or be a distributor for) a company. Some companies charge hundreds even thousands of dollars just to sign up and get "kits". Most parents don't have access to hundreds or thousands of dollars to "START" a home business. Great companies with great products don't charge a dime to start. WHY? Because the product and business opportunity is that good.

Second: make sure these companies have simple, easy to understand marketing tools (websites, flyers, presentation calls,etc). DO NOT EXPLAIN YOUR BUSINESS, always let the tools do it for you. All you want to do is to direct people to the information. This keeps your business simple and extremely duplicatable.

Third: Make sure the company you may be looking into has products that are not grossly overpriced and that anyone can afford. It may look scammy if you are selling a bottle of vitamins or skin lotion for 110.00. People are also too broke in this economy to even consider buying overpriced products.

Fourth: There should always be a way out with no risk Companies like GBG, have a money back guarantee. In GBG the bottle of the 10-in-1 liquid multi vitamin can be totally empty and the company refund the entire amount.

Fifth: Once You decide with your heart, don't quit, no matter what!

Parents encounter the same obstacles in this type of home business that they would in a traditional home business. People will say no. But others will say yes! Keep tweeting, facebooking, youtubing, emailing, asking, talking, and promoting your business.

Why Multi-Level Marketing?

MLM is a wonderful home business opportunity. A few hours a week can generate thousands of dollars every month, for the rest of your life. Parents are really busy and the MLM business model allows for people to make a lot of money by doing a little bit of work, together. This income will help secure your future and even your children's future. There is no better home business model for parents than this.

Why Should Parents Choose GBG's 10-in-1 Liquid Multi Vitamin Formula?

GBG is a wonderful company with a powerful liquid multi-vitamin that almost no-one returns. The company is set up so that busy people including busy parents can stay healthy and make additional from home in a simple home business. Next, you'll have to check out the presentation to find out why at ­The Best Home Business at

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